Knotty Oak with wooden furniture
Rookwood Elm with brassed furniture
Windsor Oak raised lid with metal furniture

Traditional coffins are always popular and are available in either veneer or solid wood.  Veneered coffins are approved for both cremation and burials and solid wood coffins for burial purposes.


Panels, raised lids and mouldings can be applied to all wooden coffins making them more individual.

Coffins Choices


At Gowards Funeral Services we are able to offer a wide range of coffin choices for both burial, green burial and cremation purposes.


Only a very small selection is shown on this page and we would welcome any enquiries regarding the availability of your coffin choice.

Peaceful contemporary
Pastel floral contemporary
Beach sunset contemporary


Natural material coffins are becoming increasingly popular - wicker, willow, seagrass or wool are just a few options available.


They can all be used for burial purposes but there are some restrictions on their use for cremation.

If you are considering one of these please check the options with us.

A vast catalogue of colours, patterns or pictures is available for both wooden or cardboard coffins.


The coffins are wrapped in a biodegradable material which makes them suitable for both burial or cremation and some green burial sites.

GCC 1.jpgThe Glitter Coffin Company

And for those

that like

something with a

bit of sparkle

we offer

Glitter Coffins



There is something very satisfying in talking to a family about their loved ones life and then designing a bespoke coffin that reflects that persons career, lifestyle or hobbies.  The coffin is as unique as they are.


The photographs shown are a small selection of coffins that we have designed for recent clients and their families.


Your unique design can be also be used for the Order of Service or reproduced onto a casket for cremated remains.



As with the coffin choices there is a wide variety of urns and caskets available in all manner of materials - wood, cardboard, fibreglass, metal and natural materials ie wicker, willow, seagrass or wool.

All the caskets and containers shown can be used for burial purposes.