UPDATE as at 12th May

The office remains open and we are available 24 hours a day.

As we see a gradual release from lockdown many of the restrictions relating to funerals are now changing, it is however as of today, still mandatory for all individuals to wear a face covering when attending services in crematoria chapels and churches unless an exemption applies.


STEP 3 - as of May 17th

The restriction of 30 mourners will be removed.  The number of mourners allowed will be determined by the individual venue and their social-distancing measures. Social distancing should be maintained between people who do not live together or share a support bubble. 


When arranging a funeral you will be advised of the number of mourners allowed according to your choice of venue. 

The maximum number of mourners permitted at wakes and interments of ashes will also increase to 30. 


Also from 17th May, people will be able to decide what distance they keep from friends and family when meeting up. Whilst two metres' social distancing is still advised, this relaxation does mean people at funerals have greater freedom to console each other.

STEP 4 - No earlier than June 21st.

All legal limits affecting funerals will be lifted.

Our Premises

a)  Please continue to make an appointment wherever possible if you need to attend for a face to

     face meeting.  We ask that only 2 people attend an appointment. 

     We must ask you to wear a face covering at all times, we can provide these if necessary 

     together with hand sanitiser, wipes and pens.

b)  Funeral arrangements can still be made via telephone and emails if you feel more

     comfortable with this arrangement.

c)  Our premises are cleaned and disinfected regularly. 

d)  All visitors to the premises will have their details recorded for Track and Trace purposes.    

e)  Please be aware that as we still have a duty of care to our staff they will not be shaking hands,

     taking names or handing out Orders of Service as social distancing cannot be maintained.

Social distancing MUST remain a priority at all times.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding any of the above information please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our utmost to put your minds at ease.


We are available 24 hours a day


Please call

Heather or Paul


01328 862686

or 07872 692875





Offices and Chapels of Rest

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Experiencing a Bereavement


The death of someone close to us is a very personal experience and is likely to be one of the most painful we will ever suffer, it can be also be one of life's greatest challenges.


The death may or may not be expected but nothing will prepare you for the emotional shock of losing someone close.  Dealing and coping with a death is never easy, it can be even harder when it feels impossible to talk about the practical issues that

accompany such a loss, you may feel lonely or isolated as if you're the only one taking responsibility, this is only natural and will be made easier with our help and guidance.

  This web site is a basic extension of the information that we can provide through our brochure, which is provided at your time of need,

but nothing can compare to a personal, friendly chat.

Arranging a Funeral


Our services to you begin with your first contact and extend, not only up to and

including the funeral but often way beyond. 


We understand how difficult it can be for you arranging a funeral for a loved one and

how important it is for a family to discuss and agree upon the funeral arrangements, especially with the many options and choices that are available.


Many questions will arise following the death of a loved one -

is there a will ?  are their final wishes known ?  is there a funeral plan ?


A funeral service can include several elements -

church or place of worship, crematorium or cemetery, hearse or alternative transport,

music, flowers, donations, obituaries, orders of service, funeral wake or tea 


These will all be brought together for you by us, through listening to your requests,

advising where needed and liaising with the parties concerned, thus ensuring that

the day runs as smoothly as possible.

Many families prefer to make the arrangements in the familiar and comfortable surroundings of their own home, we are happy to visit you in your own home.

Please click on the 'Dandelion' link for
a more comprehensive list of things you
may wish to consider.

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